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Street Level Engagement


It is our intent to treat our community with the compassion & understanding we have needed ourselves, to come from an evidence based public health perspective, to prioritize social justice, to do our best to be good to each other, and to be vocal about social misconceptions and hatred. We intend to speak up about injustice and keep our boots on the ground for direct action. We believe in the rights, dignity, and autonomy of PWUD, sex workers, and the street-involved. They are our community; WE are current and former and/or the family of PWUD, sex workers, and street-involved.

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“When we talk about harm reduction, we often reduce it to a public health framework, [one of] reducing risk. That’s harm reduction with a small ‘h-r’. Harm reduction is meeting people where they are but not leaving them there. But Harm Reduction with a capital ‘H’ and ‘R’—this is the movement, one that shifts resources and power to the people who are most vulnerable to structural violence. This includes: building community for and empowering directly impacted people, or “people who are not seen;” disruption; changing narratives; solidarity; and fighting for social justice."

-Monique Tula


Help secure some much needed items that we run out of often or are asked for frequently


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